I’m Thankful for You

Update: I didn’t mean for this to turn into an Oprah post (“You get a link! And you get a link! EVERYONE GETS A LINK!”), but way leads on to way… or so they say. Remember how way back in my first post I said that I made a list of people to thank, but it got too long? Well, for this post, I took that list and made it even longer. And I know that I’m still missing people, dammit.

Thanksgiving 2012

You + Me = We by @Doug88888, on Flickr
Photo by Doug Wheller (creative commons)

So it’s Thanksgiving Day. Today I give thanks to:

I’m so sorry if there’s anyone whom I’ve forgotten, but in short, I’m thankful for all of you. Thank you so much for your help and support, kindness and authenticity, strength and caring.

What can I do for you this year? I’m all ears.

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Jonathon Colman is a UX content strategist at Facebook, keynote speaker, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @jcolman. Feel free to contact him directly.

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15 Responses to I’m Thankful for You

  1. Marja says:

    We (I’m speaking for Prim here, too, she told me to…) are even more thankful for you. But you just happen to be better w/words. 😉

    Love you! Marja

  2. Lauren Hall-Stigerts says:

    I think you’re one of the best unintentional online community builders, Jon, and this post helps illustrate why. I’m thankful for your generosity, inspirational personality, and being able to get to know you, Marja, and #BestDogEver!

  3. Kane Jamison says:

    Wonderful sentiments Jonathon – it’s been great getting to know you and Marja this year. As Lauren touched on, you do an incredible job of creating positive energy in your life and the people around you. Glad to be a small part of that.

  4. John says:

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you this year, my friend. I look forward to many more years of collaboration!

    • Right back atcha, John. I’m geeked about some of the things we’ve already discussed for 2013.

      And in looking over the editorial calendar and list of ideas of posts that I put together over the past few weeks, it’s clear that I’m stealing quite a bit of your approach, which I really admire. Thanks for inspiring me, man!

  5. Susan Moskwa says:

    I am way too excited that I’m on this list. And thankful I met you! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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  7. Thanks Jonathan! I’m very thankful that I met you and Marja this year.

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